120minutes Fire Rated Glass 8mm Anti Fire Resistant Tempered Glass
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120minutes Fire Rated Glass 8mm Anti Fire Resistant Tempered Glass


Production description:
Monolithic fire-resistant glass is a kind of special glass that is composed of single-layer glass and adopts a special process to chemically and physically treat the glass, or only physical treatment, and meets the requirements of the corresponding fire resistance level. In a specific time, the monolithic fire-resistant glass In the event of a fire, it can maintain the integrity of fire resistance and form a safety barrier that prevents the spread and spread of flames and toxic and harmful gases. To ensure that there is enough time to escape and carry out rescue work when a fire occurs. However, single layer fire-resistant glass does not have the effect of fire-resistance and heat insulation, and belongs to Class C fire-resistant glass, which is not suitable for use in places with thermal insulation requirements.

Fire protection principle:

Single layer fireproof glass is made of high-quality original pieces and processed by a special process. It has several times the strength of float glass and can withstand the impact of flames. It has the characteristics of fire resistance, light weight, high strength, good weather resistance and easy processing. Because there is no intermediate foam layer, only fire prevention has no heat insulation function.

Product number:

Single layer fire resistant glass has thicknesses of 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 19mm; products of the same thickness are divided into nine series; fire protection time is 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, 120 minutes; the product has passed the national standard GB15763.1-2009, British standard BS476 PART22, BS EN 1364-1:1999, BS EN1634-1:2008 and other standards. There are hollow fire-resistant series such as SSV1, SSV2, SSV3 and so on that synthesize hollow fire-resistant glass. (Please consult the product sales manager for details)

The situation of ordinary glass in the event of a fire:

1. Float glass explodes when exposed to fire in 30 seconds, and tempered glass explodes in 1 minute when exposed to fire.

2. The fire spreads to the surrounding exterior glass through the gap.

3. The glass on the surrounding exterior wall bursts and ignites indoor objects.

High-strength monolithic fireproof glass for exterior wall:

1. When a fire occurs indoors: the high-strength single-piece fireproof glass can persist for 30-120 minutes at a high temperature of 1000 ℃ without breaking when it encounters a fire, effectively limiting the scope of fire and smoke.

2. When a fire occurs indoors: high-strength single-piece fire-resistant glass effectively resists the intrusion of flames and smoke, and protects the safety of indoor life and property.

3. When the surrounding outer wall is a single piece of fireproof glass, it can effectively prevent the spread of fire.

single layer fire rated glass

fire retardant glazing

* Fire resistant glass is integrity and insulation glass,excellent optical quality and maximum light transmission.
* Fire resistant glass is a special processed glass which has the function of fireproof integrity, anti-heat resistance.
* Fire resistant glass has smoothly passed the states fire extinguishing systems test.
* Fire resistant glass not only has superb fire resisting performance but is extremely hard for glass.
* It is 10 to 12 times stronger than ordinary glass of the same thickness,and 2 to 3times stronger than tempered glass.
* Fire resistant glass that has good performances still have the fireproof and burning prevention function in temperature above 1000 degree.
* This kind of building glass is fire resistant. Though it isn't insulated, but i can be used every where.


1. Safe exits in commercial building/office building
2. Residence/villa and rooming house
3. Interior or exterior construction
4. Entrance doors/windows
5. Warm house/ceiling/balustrade and louver
6. Curtain walls/ship windows and dome
7. Telephone booth and bus station


fire retardant glazing doors测试

Our service:

Before Sale Service:
1.Sample provided; 2.Welcome visiting factory; 3.Timely reply; 4.Professional sales team.
Production period service:
1.Professional customization; 2.Timely progress update; 3.Strict quality inspection; 4.Delivery on time.
After sale service:

Regular follow-up; 2.Installation guide provided; 3.Solve the after-sales problem in time.



Q1: How can you guarantee your final quality?
A1: As for quality control, we've approved four testing procedures: Initial inspection, re-inspection,
      final inspection and sampling inspection. Each step will take photos and save for u all the time,
      also support free warranty service.
Q2: How long is the production lead time?
A2: It depend on your quatity, normally is 30 days after deposit.
Q3: What kind of Certification did you pass?
A3: After relevant institution of professional evaluation, we're qualified for BS,GB,AS
      ISO9001, etc. Also can supply local test report according to customer's
      requirement  when necessary.
Q4: How is the MOQ of required?
A4: We welcome any quantity under your requested. but a competitive price is always
       depends  on the quantity increase gradually.

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