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Heshan Rato Special Glass and Building Materials Co., Ltd. is a company who specialized in various of building glass and special glass, such as Fire Rated Glass, Insulated Glass, Laminated Glass, Fire Rated Glazing Doors and Windows, Smart Glass, Aluminium Non-combustible Panel, etc.
At present, our trade business expanding day by day and our customers come from all over the world. At the same time as in the past we will in accordance with "reputation first, customer first" principle, always put the customer's interests first, wholeheartedly offer each of our customers the best products and the best quality service. We sincerely hope to cooperate with you to create a bright future.

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Fire Resistant Glass Office Panels

In order to increase productivity, glass partition walls are used to separate offices and work spaces. The insulated glass wall has a similar sound insulation level to sheetrock walls, allowing for twenty to thirty decibels of insulation. This type of glass wall is easy to install and can be taken d

Benefits of a Glass Brick From a China Glassbrick Wholesaler

A glass brick is a building material made of a cavity made of glass. It is typically rectangular or square and can also have corner pieces. During the manufacturing process, special patterns are molded into the material to produce a translucent or opaque appearance. The bricks vary in size from two

How Thin is Fire Resistant Glass?

To meet the stringent safety standards in buildings, Fire Resistant Glass must pass a series of tests. These tests, conducted by independent laboratories, are meant to determine the resistance of glass to flames in the event of a fire. The ratings are given in time increments, which represent the le

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