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Heshan Rato Special Glass and Building Materials Co., Ltd. is a company who specialized in various of building glass and special glass, such as Fire Rated Glass, Insulated Glass, Laminated Glass, Fire Rated Glazing Doors and Windows, Smart Glass, Aluminium Non-combustible Panel, etc.
At present, our trade business expanding day by day and our customers come from all over the world. At the same time as in the past we will in accordance with "reputation first, customer first" principle, always put the customer's interests first, wholeheartedly offer each of our customers the best products and the best quality service. We sincerely hope to cooperate with you to create a bright future.

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Know About Fire Rated Glass

Fire-rated glass is a special type of glass that is reinforced with fire-resistant resins to resist the growth of fire from both heat and spark. It is also referred to as fire-ratedrated glass or fireproof glass. Commonly, the term fire-rated glass refers to the thickness of glass that resists fire

What is a Classified Fire Door Assembly?

Definition of Fire rated Glass: A fire rated glass is specially designed to offer better fire protection in the door panel where it is being installed. A fire rated window is not equivalent to a fire rated glass in other ways. Firstly, it cannot be easily broken into by a fire or its extinguisher be

Things to Know About Fire Rated Glass

A fire rated glass is a type of door that is installed in a fireproof room for added protection. If you wish to get a fire rated glass for your doors, then you can easily find them in the market. Fire rated glass means that it has certain fire protection levels, which will help you make a better dec

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