Aluminum Non-combustible Panel
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What is Aluminum Non-combustible Panel?
Aluminum Non-combustible Panel (ANP) is a kind of decorative building material which can be widely used in all kinds of exterior and interior structures. It consists of three layers of all-aluminium bonded to each side through a DuPont polymembrane and is available in 2.5-5.0mm thickness.
ANP is made of all-aluminum structure, has a fire rating of A2 and is approved by AS1530, BS476-6/7, ASTM-E84 and EN13501. You can choose our panel not to burn and fire proof as needed
Our products (cladding) are inspired by the mechanics of arch Bridges. At the same time, the shape of the aluminum core is a large water drop surrounded by six smaller water droplets, like an "egg box", which converts bending stress into pressure stress by horizontal force, increasing the ability to withstand pressure. This creativity can enhance flatness and aesthetics.