BS En 60 And 120 Minutes Anti UV Heat Insulation Fire Resistant Glass for Fireproof Door
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BS En 60 And 120 Minutes Anti UV Heat Insulation Fire Resistant Glass for Fireproof Door


Product Description
Heat insulated composite Fire Resistant Glass is filling in the middle of fire-resistant glass is highly transparent fireproof double glazing perfusion liquid gluing process.
Fill with fireproof glue between glass, the fireproof glue will show itself clarity colloidal and connect two or more pieces of glasses after solidification.


After the case of high temperature, the middle of the glass transparent jelly-like fire adhesive layer will quickly induration, forming an opaque fire insulation board. In the flame to prevent the spread of the same time, but also to prevent high temperature to the back surface conduction. This type of fire glass not only has a excellent thermal insulation performance, and outstanding sound effects.


Description Heat insulated composite Fire Resistant Glass
Thickness 20mm-38mm
Max. size
Quality Standard Comply with China GB15763, Europe BS-EN1634
1.  Good thermal stability, can bear the temperature difference is common glass 8 times
2. Can withstand 200 ºC temperature difference of change.
3. Good sound insulation
Production Range
insulated glass, laminated glass
Windows, Doors, Exhibition Hall,
Shower Room
Color Clear, Ultra clear;
Euro bronze, golden bronze;
Blue, ocean blue, dark blue, light blue;
F green, light green, dark green;
Euro Grey, dark Grey.
Packing Wooden Crate With Protection Film

Production flow

1)Glass boding:
Two layers of glass(special needs also can use three layers of glass) surrounded by special fireproof glue sealing with the one small hole left preparing to perfuse transparent fire proof liquid or solution into the cavity shaped by two layers of glass and the around sealant.

2)Preparation of the slurry:
The clear fire proof fluid adhesive mixed into a polymer compound, then placed a day with sodium, magnesium chloride solution and other chemical in water and mixed, and then were added gelling agent ,methylene bis-acrylamide and mixed, and initiators sufficiently stirred to prepare a slurry

3)Compositing to whole integrity exlent fire proof glass the above slurry was perfused in step 1 glues flat glass, natural cure 2-3 days till closed filling hole is finished.

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Q1: How can you guarantee your final quality?
A1: As for quality control, we've approved four testing procedures: Initial inspection, re-inspection,
      final inspection and sampling inspection. Each step will take photos and save for u all the time,
      also support free warranty service.
Q2: How long is the production lead time?
A2: It depend on your quatity, normally is 30 days after deposit.
Q3: What kind of Certification did you pass?
A3: After relevant institution of professional evaluation, we're qualified for BS,GB,AS
      ISO9001, etc. Also can supply local test report according to customer's
      requirement  when necessary.
Q4: How is the MOQ of required?
A4: We welcome any quantity under your requested. but a competitive price is always
       depends  on the quantity increase gradually.

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