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Fireproof doors can be divided into steel fireproof doors, wooden fireproof doors, steel wood fireproof doors, and glass fireproof doors according to their materials. RATO fireproof door is a manufacturer dedicated to the production of glass fire rated doors, and has been unanimously recognized and supported by users for many years. Today, we will introduce the difference between glass fireproof doors and ordinary fireproof doors in detail. I hope it will help you.

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The glass of the glass heat-insulated fireproof door is made of grouted fireproof glass, which is composed of two layers of original glass and sealed with special flame-retardant rubber strips. The fireproof glue in the center is solidified into a transparent jelly and bonded to the glass. In the event of a fire, the transparent jelly-like fireproof adhesive layer in the center of the glass will harden quickly after encountering high temperatures, forming an opaque fireproof insulation board. While obstructing the extension of the flame, it also obstructs the transmission of high temperature to the back fire surface. Therefore, the grouting glass has good fire and heat insulation performance, and the sound insulation effect is top-notch.

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The advantage of glass fire door is that it can achieve the perfect combination of fire protection, light transmission and decoration. Mainly used in high-end office, commercial and medical building halls. The appearance of glass fire doors should also be the same as those of steel fire doors. The appearance should be flat, smooth and free of obvious dents; the coating should be uniform and smooth, and there should be no paint buildup, pitting, bubbles, etc.


Glass heat insulation fire doors can be divided into general steel plate glass fire doors and stainless steel glass fire doors. The general steel glass fire door refers to the door frame and the side leaf of the door leaf. The main body is fire-resistant glass, which has the characteristics of atmospheric appearance, beautiful appearance and excellent fire protection. The stainless steel glass fire door is based on the general fire door with a layer of 304 Stainless steel improves the level of glass fire doors and can meet the needs of high-end customers.


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