Tempered Toughened Low-E Insulated Frosted Laminated Glass
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Tempered Toughened Low-E Insulated Frosted Laminated Glass


Product Description

Coated glass is also called reflective glass.Coated glass is coated on the surface of glass or a layer of metal,alloy or metal compound film,in order to change the optical properties of glass,to meet certain specific requirements.

Coated glass according to the different characteristics of the product,can be divided into the following categories:thermal reflection glass,low-e glass,conductive film glass.

low e annealed glass

Corrosion resistance.Hard non-organic(glass crystal) film itself will not oxidation,but also to prevent the external acid rain,insects,bird droppings on the car paint corrosion dense glass crystal film has super corrosion resistance,coating can effectively prevent acid rain and other corrosive substances to the car paint damage,at the same time to prevent the car paint fade.

High temperature resistance.Glass crystal itself has the characterstics of high temperature resistance,can effectively reflect the sun will be an effective reflection of external thermal radiation,toprevent high temperature damage to the car paint.

Easy to clean.Electroionic coating film has strong self-cleaning and dialing water,not easy to adhere to dust,pollution,cleaning only water can achieve the effect of cleaning,so that the vehicle to maintian a high degree of cleanliness and glossiness.

Super dialing power.Hard non-organic(glass crystal)film surface of fluorine treatment with super water ,so that the water falls on the car body of the instant contraction into water drops to effectively prevent the formation of scale.

low e ec glass

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