High Quality Tempered /Toughed Monolithic Fire Resistant Glass
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High Quality Tempered /Toughed Monolithic Fire Resistant Glass


Fire Resistant Glass and Glass Wall Tempered Glass 
Production description:
Single layer fire resistant glass is made up of single-layer fireproof glass.
Fire integrity maintained within a certain period of time, blocking the fire , toxic and harmful gases on the surface, but do not have the heat insulating effect, it is a Class E fire glass, with high-strength glass; Used in external walls of buidings;

1) Thickness:6mm ,8mm,10mm,1mm,15mm,19mm;

2) fire resistant time:30mins;60mins;90mins.
3) Can be laminated and insulated;

single layer fire rated glass 15single layer fire rated glass 8single layer fire rated glass 18

* Fire resistant glass is integrity and insulation glass,excellent optical quality and maximum light transmission.
* Fire resistant glass is a special processed glass which has the function of fireproof integrity, anti-heat resistance.
* Fire resistant glass has smoothly passed the states fire extinguishing systems test.
* Fire resistant glass not only has superb fire resisting performance but is extremely hard for glass.
* It is 10 to 12 times stronger than ordinary glass of the same thickness,and 2 to 3times stronger than tempered glass.
* Fire resistant glass that has good performances still have the fireproof and burning prevention function in temperature above 1000 degree.
* This kind of building glass is fire resistant. Though it isn't insulated, but i can be used every where.


1. Safe exits in commercial building/office building
2. Residence/villa and rooming house
3. Interior or exterior construction
4. Entrance doors/windows
5. Warm house/ceiling/balustrade and louver
6. Curtain walls/ship windows and dome
7. Telephone booth and bus station


1.Pls provide accurate size & shape when you need to order.
2.Like tempered glass, after glass size is confirmed, fire resistant glass / fire proof glass / fire rated glass can not be made mechanical treatment, otherwise, fire resistant glass / fire proof glass/fire rated glass will be broken. 
3. Avoid to scratch the surface of the glass when Handling. 


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