Fusing Crystal Glass Brick with Holes Bubbled Solid Glass Block for Curtain Wall
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Fusing Crystal Glass Brick with Holes Bubbled Solid Glass Block for Curtain Wall


Product Description

Product 2019 decorative glass brick partition solid glass brick
Color Clear, green, blue, pink, dark blue, brown, etc. 
Type Solid glass block
Size 240x50x50mm, 246x116x53mm, 200x100x50mm, 200x100x50mm and more
Packing Inner packing: High strength corrugated box with cardboard inserts. 
Feature 1. Pervious to light but not transparentxxx
2. Sound insulation
3. High thermal resistance 
4. Low conduction of heat 
5. High intensity
6. Able to endure corrosion 
7. Heat preservation 
8. Moist insulation
Application Glass Block or Glass Brick is a new building decorated product. 
The designs are beautiful & luxurious. 
It is easy & convenient to built & widely used on wall decorated in the room
or outside.


Our mainly glass bricks are 

  • polished and hot-melt glass bricks.

  • clear white solid glass bricks

  • bubble white solid glass bricks

  • color glass bricks

  • acid glass bricks

  • And any customized sizes and color avaible from us.

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Q1: How can you guarantee your final quality?
A1: As for quality control, we've approved four testing procedures: Initial inspection, re-inspection,
      final inspection and sampling inspection. Each step will take photos and save for u all the time,
      also support free warranty service.
Q2: How long is the production lead time?
A2: It depend on your quatity, normally is 30 days after deposit.
Q3: What kind of Certification did you pass?
A3: After relevant institution of professional evaluation, we're qualified for BS,GB,AS
      ISO9001, etc. Also can supply local test report according to customer's
      requirement  when necessary.
Q4: How is the MOQ of required?
A4: We welcome any quantity under your requested. but a competitive price is always
       depends  on the quantity increase gradually.

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