Anti UV Light Soundproof outdoor use Fire Resistant Glass
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Anti UV Light Soundproof outdoor use Fire Resistant Glass


Product Description:
Crystal silicon fire resistant glass is a new type of hard inorganic transparent fireproof glass developed by our company.


This type of glass has the advantages of high strength, large adhesion, high transparency, good stability, strong weather resistance and good fire resistance. It is a high-quality heat-insulating fireproof glass that is sustainable, stable and green.

When a fire occurs, the float glass of the fire surface will burst quickly after the high temperature, and the inter-layer of the fireproof glass will begin to foam and expand , the foam expansion ratio is up to 12 times, and absorb the high heat brought by the flame combustion to form an opaque fireproof. This opaque fireproof, which has strong hardness, can effectively isolate the spread of flame, smoke and toxic gas, and absorb the heat brought by flame combustion to cool down.


Product Fire rated glass
Size Customized       Max size: 1000*1500mm
Thickness 12mm-58mm
Material 5mm fire proof glass + 2mm Nano silicon+ 5mm glass
time of resistance 30mins,60mins,90mins,120mins,180mins
Application l)Safe Exits in Commercial Building/Office Building
2)Residence/Villa and Rooming House
3)Interior or Exterior Construction
4)Entrance Doors/ Windows
5)Warm House/Ceiling/Balustrade and Louver
6)Curtain Walls/Shop windows and Dome
7)Telephone Booth and Bus Station

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Anti UV Light Soundproof Fire Resistant Glass


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