Why Are Glass Blocks So Popular?
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Why Are Glass Blocks So Popular?

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Why Are Glass Blocks So Popular?

The high light transmittance of glass blocks is better than that of general decorative materials. The walls made of glass blocks have high lighting properties. Glass blocks also make the whole room full of soft light through diffuse scattering, which solves the discomfort caused by direct sunlight. The sunlight can achieve secondary light transmission through the glass blocks wall, or even three times of light transmission, which greatly improves the indoor light environment level. Glass blocks can diffuse the light, so that the indoor atmosphere is stable and soft.

Characteristics of glass blocks

1. Heat Insulation

     Single-layer glass block wall thermal resistance R= 0.17m2*K/W, single-layer glass block thermal conductivity K= 3.1W/( m2*K) . In summer and places with strong sunlight, the use of glass blocks can achieve the dual functions of lighting and heat insulation

glass brick

2. Fireproof

     Glass blocks have good fire performance. According to Japanese regulations, single-layer walls are recognized as having the same performance as Class B fire doors, and double-layer walls are recognized as having one-hour fire resistance.

glass brick

3. Energy saving and environmental protection

     Glass blocks is a soda lime silicate glass system. It is a transparent material made of quartz sand (sio2), soda ash (Na2CO3), limestone and other silicate inorganic mineral raw materials at high temperature. It is a green and environmentally friendly product. It does not contain harmful substances such as alcohol, benzene and ether; it also does not contain radioactive substances such as radon and gamma rays in ceramic stone materials. In addition, glass block will not produce light pollution, which can reduce the light pollution caused by other substances and adjust the layout of indoor light.

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4. Flexible

The use of glass blocks is more flexible and versatile. The combination of glass blocks of different specifications can present different spatial aesthetics. For example, when glass blocks are used in the bathroom, it not only solves the problem of moisture resistance, but also has a hazy and subtle beauty. If glass blocks are used for partitions, there will be continuous space beauty. The balcony is built with a glass block facade, which is rust-proof and corrosion-resistant.

glass brick

5. Sound insulation

     The air-acoustic weighted sound insulation and spectral correction of the glass blocks wall are: Rw(C:Ctr)=38(0:-1)dB. The single-layer glass blocks structure can meet the requirements of sound insulation class 5. Double-glazed block walls with a spacing of less than 50mm can meet the requirements of sound insulation class 6.

As a penetrating sound insulation material, it can achieve good sound insulation whether it is used on noisy roads or near factories. The noise on the road can be adjusted to the level of a quiet office in the low frequency range (125HZ). In the high-frequency field (2000HZ), it can be adjusted to the level of a night house. Therefore, the glass block structure is an effective way to solve the high sound insulation requirements.

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6. Cheap price

     Glass blocks have many advantages. The most important thing is that the price is not expensive. The material and construction are calculated at the current price level, which is not expensive compared to other decorative materials.

     Glass blocks occupy a considerable proportion in the decoration market, and are generally used in relatively high-end places to create a dazzling atmosphere. In addition, due to the characteristics of glass products themselves, it is also very common to use for lighting or waterproofing.

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7. High compressive strength, strong impact resistance and high safety performance

The minimum compressive strength of a single glass block is 6.0MN/m2, which is better than that of ordinary red block and similar to that of hollow blocks. The wall made of reinforcement is strong and stable. The impact test value of glass block shrapnel is 1.2m/45kg (maximum), which is 5~10 times that of ordinary glass. The impact resistance of tempered glass is 1m/1.04kg. From this index, the impact resistance of glass block is higher than that of tempered glass.Therefore, the glass block also has a high degree of anti-theft security.

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"Glass blocks" in home decoration

Usually used as partitions and screens.

The translucent effect of the glass blocks ensures the purpose of privacy and is used to decorate the screen and divide the space.

glass brick

Kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom, toilet, etc.

Glass blocks can achieve a good decorative effect, not only dividing the large space but also maintaining the integrity of the large space.

glass brick

Privacy and transparency

The decorative effect is magnificent, noble and elegant.

glass brick

It is also more flexible to use and has a wide range of uses.

When you use it, you will have a hazy and subtle beauty, which is the realm of continuous separation.

glass block

Light transmission, fire prevention, sound insulation, heat insulation, waterproof, energy saving

When the light diffuses through the glass tiles, the fascinating light is incomparable with ordinary materials.

decorative glass

The sunlight can also pass through the glass bricks to achieve secondary "transmittance" to solve the discomfort caused by direct sunlight, so that the indoor atmosphere is stable and soft.

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