What Is Fire Rated Glazing Door?
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What Is Fire Rated Glazing Door?

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What Is Fire Rated Glazing Door?

Fireproof glass door: What types of steel fireproof glass doors are there?

Steel Fire Resistant Glass Doors - By Product Type

If the steel fireproof glass door is distinguished according to the type of product, it can be roughly divided into the following three types. The first is composite fireproof glass and perfusion fireproof glass, which are fire-resistant and heat-insulating. The second is refractory, while the intensity of thermal radiation is high. The third is a fireproof glass door that can only meet fire resistance.

Steel fire-resistant glass doors - by structure

According to the structural form, it is distinguished according to the internal structure of the steel fireproof glass door, including laminated glass, thin-coated fireproof glass, single-layer fireproof glass and wired glass. The fire protection effect of glass of different structures is also different, so the occasions used are also different. The higher the requirements for fire protection, the better the fire protection glass used.

Steel fireproof glass doors - according to fire resistance rating

Fireproof glass doors will be tested before leaving the factory. Finally, after testing, the fire resistance limits of fireproof glass doors are as follows: half an hour, one hour, 1.5 hours, 2 hours, and 3 hours. Generally speaking, when we buy steel fireproof glass doors, we must buy the one with the longest fireproof time, because this is also the most fireproof.

Steel Fire Resistant Glass Doors - Fire Performance

When a fire occurs, in addition to the fire we can see, there is also the heat we can't see, which is also a major factor that is devastating to people or fireproof glass doors. Therefore, fireproof glass doors can be divided into the following types according to the performance of fire: heat insulation fireproof glass doors, non-insulation fireproof glass doors, and partial heat insulation fireproof glass doors.

Fire door installation points

(1) Scribe. Draw the door frame opening position line according to the size, elevation and direction required by the design.

(2) The door frame is erected. First remove the fixing plate at the lower part of the door frame. If the height inside the frame is greater than the height of the door leaf, there must be reserved grooves on the ground on both sides of the opening. The door frame is generally buried below the elevation of ±0.00. It must be ensured that the upper and lower dimensions of the frame opening are the same, the allowable error is less than 1.5mm, and the allowable error of the diagonal line is less than 2mm. The door frame is temporarily fixed in the hole with a wooden wedge. After the calibration is qualified, the wooden wedge is fixed, and the iron foot of the door frame and the embedded iron plate are welded firmly.

(3) Install the door leaf and accessories. The gaps around the door frame should be firmly plugged with 1:2 cement mortar or fine stone concrete with a strength of no less than that, and should be integrated with the wall; after curing and solidification, the opening and the wall should be painted.

After painting, install doors, hardware accessories and related fire protection devices. After the door leaf is closed, the door seam should be even and smooth, open freely and lightly, and should not be too tight, too loose and rebound.

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