Guide to Casement Windows
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Guide to Casement Windows

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What are casement windows?

A casement window is a window that is hinged at the side or the top and normally opens in or out. They don’t always have to open however, and in this instance will have what is known as a ‘dummy sash’ to match the appearance of a casement window that does open. This is what a casement window looks like_ASP3582 copy.rt-1600x1600

aluminum window

Casement windows that are hinged at the top are sometimes called awning windows. Origin Casement Windows can either be hinged at the side or the top.

How do casement windows compare to other windows?

Other types of window include: sash windows, sliding windows, gable windows and bay windows. The main difference between types of windows is how they open, how they look and what type of space (known as an aperture) they fit into.

Casement windows vs sash windows (sometimes called double hung windows)

Casement windows vary in opening mechanism when compared with sash windows. Sash windows comprise of two window pane units  - one pane will slide down over the other to open the window. Normally the lower pane slides up and down, sometimes both panes move up and down.

Casement windows open in or out on a hinge.

Casement windows vs sliding windows

Sliding windows are similar to sash windows in that panes of glass slide over each other, but the term sliding window is normally reserved for windows that slide sideways rather than up and down. Some people call sash windows sliding windows.

What type of material is best for casement windows?

Casement windows are available in the following materials:

·         aluminium

·         uPVC

·         timber

·         composite (which is a mixture of materials)

·         steel

The type of material you choose affects the price, durability, and strength of your windows, as well as how much maintenance is required. 

What sizes are available?

Origin Windows are custom made and are therefore available in a wide range of sizes to suit your needs and your space.

Configuration options

Configurations optionsaluminum window

Types of casement window:

Side hung

aluminum window

A window hinged to the side of the frame that opens in or out.

_ASP0785 LowRes

Top hung

aluminum window

A window hinged to the top of the frame that opens in or out, normally out. Top hung casement windows can be paired with a side hung panel below.



aluminum window

A casement window that doesn’t open. Some fixed casement windows will have mock sashes so that they fit in with the style of other windows that do open.


Mock sash

aluminum window

A window that doesn’t open, but looks like a casement window that does open, will have a mock sash. This gives the appearance of a top hung window, but the top part won’t open.




Traditional casement windows (which are sometimes referred to as French casement windows) tend to have a wood finish, sometimes with glazing bars installed to create smaller panels of glass. Wood finishes are available on aluminium frames. To view Origin’s available casement window finishes take a look at our main windows page. Multiple glazing bars obstruct the view out of the window, but can be desirable if you wish to match your windows to a period property. New-style frames such as aluminium can be matched with traditional styles as different glazing options are available

aluminum window

_ASP1970 copy_LowRes


Modern casement windows tend to be designed without glazing bars to maximise the view out of the window. Most modern casement windows have aluminium or contemporary timber frames. The Origin Casement Window is a perfect product if you are looking for an elegant design that benefits from the latest window engineering and technology.

_ASP5222_LowResaluminum window


Traditional Georgian windows are sash windows. However, you can imitate the style of a Georgian window with their gridded pattern created by glazing bars. Specialist glazing options are available with modern frames, such as aluminium, to take advantage of the benefits that new technology offers, including better sound-proofing and thermal efficiency, without having to compromise on a traditional look.  

_ASP1973 copy_LowResaluminum window

Casement vs awning (top hung casement)

Awning windows are also called top hung windows. They are similar to traditional casement windows but are hinged at the top rather than the side. There are a few things you need to consider when deciding between a side hung or top hung window. A side hung window can let in more of a breeze more quickly when compared to an awning window. On the other hand, an awning window can be partially opened to allow ventilation when it is raining without rain getting in, as long as the rain isn’t heavy.

The decision between the two often comes down to the room in which you will install the window. Awning windows work well in bedrooms, whereas side-hung casements are sometimes preferred for downstairs living areas.

Casement windows vs sash windows (double hung windows)

Sash windows, sometimes referred to as double hung windows, can be less waterproof than casement windows because of the opening mechanism. The small gap between the two panes necessary to slide one over the other makes it more vulnerable to draughts and weather damage. This can be exacerbated over time as the opening mechanism can wear down the seals between the two panels, increasing the risk of draughts.

You might be interested in sash windows if you have a traditional or period property. However, you can achieve the same aesthetic finish with a dummy sash casement window. This has the appearance of a sash without risking draughts. Origin Windows are available in over 150 RAL colours and finishes, meaning you can customise your window to fit with the required aesthetic without having to sacrifice thermal efficiency or weatherproofing.

Bespoke casement windows

Origin can manufacture a window to your needs by customising the size and look of your window so you don’t have to compromise on what you want. We have an extensive range of colours and highly realistic woodgrain finishes.

Casement windows can be made up to 1000mm wide X 1800mm tall on side hung windows and up to 1500mm X 1500mm on top hung windows. We can work with you to fit your windows into unusual openings and our frames are compatible with a range of glazing options.


Origin Casement Windows are available in over 150 RAL colours, so you can ensure your windows complement the rest of your home. From contemporary greys and blacks to natural wood finishes, you will be able to find the perfect fit.

Origin’s casement window – what’s on offer?

·         Thermal efficiency including Aerogel

Origin’s casement window is fitted with a bespoke thermal break that drastically reduces air flow through the system. This means our windows can reach a U-Value of 1.3 W/m²K with double glazing and 0.9 W/m²K with triple glazing. Our casement window can also be fitted with innovative Aerogel technology. Aerogel has the lowest thermal conductivity of any known solid material and is used to insulate space shuttles and space suits. Its unrivalled efficiency means that the Origin Window can reach a stunning U-Value of 0.8 W/m²K, and delivers an Energy Rating of A++. If double glazing is used with Aerogel, a U-Value of 1.2W/m²K can be achieved.

·         Powder coated finish available in over 150 different colours

Our window frames are available in a wide variety of colours including wood-grain effects. All our frames are powder coated to achieve an unrivalled, smooth finish.

·         Internal and external frames that are flush and won’t protrude

Origin windows are designed in a way whereby the frames will not protrude, but will sit flush with the panes delivering a clean design.

·         Excellent security features

Origin windows are extremely secure. They can be customised with the highest grade stainless steel hinges that can carry very heavy loads surpassing the standardised 50,000 cycle test required for residential windows. Hinge guards are also installed to both protect the hinges and block intruders from jemmying the window open along the hinged side, further securing your home.

Other features include the renowned Yale Encloser Lock, impenetrable crimped frames and locking handles.

·         20 year guarantee

Because of the quality of our product we can offer a 20 year guarantee on all our windows.

·         Incredibly strong, aluminium frames

Our frames are made from prime billet aluminium, which is considerably stronger and more durable than both other materials and low-quality aluminium. It’s also 67% lighter than steel. Origin’s powder coated aluminium won’t flex, warp or corrode in variable weather conditions.

What safety features do Origin casement windows have?

The windows satisfy all Building Regulations for emergency exits and restricted openings. Side hung or top hung casement windows can be designed to function as emergency exit windows meeting minimum width and height required to comply with Building Regulations.

Are the windows weatherproof?

Origin Windows are designed to withstand harshest of weather conditions. The Yale Encloser lock not only offers excellent security, but provides a weather-tight seal to ensure your windows are fully weatherproof and help improve thermal efficiency.

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