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    Fire resistant glass high strength function: in the same thickness, its strength is 6 ~ 12 times of float glass, tempered glass is 1.5 ~ 3 times. Therefore, in the case of the same pressure, it can select thinner thickness or larger picture, thus adding a sense of vision and decrease cost.

    High fire protection function: high strength monolithic fire-resistant glass is a kind of fire prevention function of building exterior wall or door and window glass, can persist for 96 to 183 minutes not burst in 1000 ℃ Flame Shock, and effectively prevent fire and smoke extension, conducive to the first time to find the fire, so that we have to meet the time to evacuate the scene.


        High weather resistance: relatively high strength monolithic fireproof glass and traditional grouted or sandwich fireproof glass, in addition to high strength, the biggest characteristic also contains high weather ability. Chemical Grouted or sandwich glass under irradiation of ultraviolet soon become milky white and the occurrence of air bubbles, lost the basic functions of the glass museum, which is the main reason for the wall resistant glass cannot use. Fire resistant glass and high-strength monolithic fire-resistant glass with ordinary glass the same under irradiation of ultraviolet, without any change.

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