Would you choose Insulating laminated glass?
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Would you choose Insulating laminated glass?

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Insulating laminated glass is a new favorite among consumers who pursue the performance of doors and windows. How much do you know about it?

Insulating laminated glass is a composite glass product that is composed of 3 pieces of glass to form a hollow layer and a laminated layer.


Laminated glass can insulate low-frequency noise, and insulating glass can insulate high-frequency noise. Insulating laminated glass combines the advantages of both, and the sound insulation effect is more outstanding.

②Compared with ordinary laminated glass, the thermal conductivity of air in the hollow layer of insulating laminated glass is lower, so the energy saving effect is better.

③ High safety performance, even if the glass is broken, the fragments will be stuck together. Broken glass surfaces remain clean, smooth and harmless.

1. Facade doors and windows on middle and high floors: Considering the risk of glass self-explosion, it is recommended to add insulating laminated glass to improve safety performance.

2. Street/road/elevated: upgrade the hollow laminated glass to improve the sound insulation effect of doors and windows.

3. The roof surface of the living sunshine room: the standard laminated glass on the top surface is added to the hollow laminated glass, which can effectively improve the heat insulation performance.

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