What is the borosilicated fireproof glass partition?
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What is the borosilicated fireproof glass partition?

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The basic components of  borosilicated fireproof glass partition are silicon dioxide, boron trioxide and sodium oxide. It is the first choice material for single-piece fireproof glass, and it can also be made into building energy-saving fireproof materials with better overall efficiency through coating, hollowing and other processes. The size of borosilicated fireproof glass partitions can be produced according to customer needs.

The ultra-high softening point stably provides a fundamental guarantee for fire performance, and the fire resistance time exceeds 120 minutes. With ultra-high transparency, while maintaining the transparency and beauty of the building, the fire can still guarantee people's vision, which is convenient for escape and rescue.


The weight is more than 8% lighter than ordinary glass, the mechanical strength is super high, and the strength is light, which significantly reduces the weight of the building.

Low iron, environmentally friendly formula, high light transmittance, visible light transmittance 92%, excellent optical quality provides distortion-free visual effects.

Very high chemical stability. Acid resistance, alkali resistance, ultraviolet resistance, good fire resistance.


No self-explosion hidden. Self-explosion is a major hidden danger that is difficult to overcome for building safety glass. Because high borosilicate fireproof glass does not contain nickel in raw materials and systems, there is no nickel sulfide crystal in all glass products, which eliminates the hidden danger of self-explosion.

Borosilicated fireproof glass partition can be cut, edged, drilled, coated and other finishing processes before tempering. High borosilicated fireproof glass partitions can also be used with other glass by lamination, hollowing, vacuum and other processes to make building energy-saving fireproof and heat insulation materials with better comprehensive efficiency.

Double security. The all-steel single-piece high borosilicated fireproof glass partition meets the fireproof, sound insulation and safety performance requirements.


Application of high borosilicate fireproof glass partition

In a fire, the failure of glass will change the ventilation of the building and thus affect the fire. The main reasons for glass damage include external force impact, uneven heating, heating and melting deformation, ordinary single-piece fireproof glass will burst when exposed to water at a high temperature of about 400 ℃ ~ 500 ℃, composite thermal insulation fireproof glass will burst but will not penetrate, ordinary high borosilicate fireproof glass Even when the glass reaches 790°C, it will not burst when exposed to water.

Tempered high borosilicate fireproof glass can be used alone for curtain wall, coating, interlayer, hollow, colored glaze and other processing.

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