What is fireproof glass? What are the characteristics?
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What is fireproof glass? What are the characteristics?

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 What is fireproof glass? What are the characteristics?

Glass is our most common material, which is used in many fields. With the increase of consumer demand, all kinds of functional glass come into sight, such as fireproof glass.So, what is fireproof glass? What are the characteristics? Let's take a look.


Fireproof glass is actually a glass product with fire protection function. When a fire occurs, it can effectively prevent the spread of the fire and the smoke isolation. It is often used as a measure of fire protection products. Its fire performance can be determined according to fire resistance characteristics, through special processing and processing technology, so that glass products have integrity and heat insulation.

Laminated composite fireproof glass: this kind of glass is coated with colorless fireproof adhesive on the flat plate between the glass layers, and then compounded fireproof glass. To put it bluntly, it's the same design principle as the sandwich cookies we eat. Laminated fireproof glass is very popular in the market, because of its superior performance, patience is very strong, in the indoor temperature of one hundred degrees of curing. When there is a fire, the adhesive of laminated glass will quickly expand and open, absorbing all the heat generated, reducing the occurrence of safety risks.


Wired fireproof glass: this kind of glass and the above fireproof glass has a great difference, in the production of fireproof glass, added wire and mesh objects made of products. In the process of use, it is more impact-resistant, and can also be connected to the indoor safety system, so that the glass has a variety of functions.


Special fireproof glass: this kind of fireproof glass uses special glass composition to produce, such as borosilicate fireproof glass, microcrystalline fireproof glass, etc. Although the glass material is different, it has high softening effect and low thermal expansion value. In high temperature environment, it is not easy to appear deformation phenomenon, good stability. In particular, microcrystalline fireproof glass not only has the above characteristics, in addition to good physical properties, has strong compressive resistance, but the price is relatively expensive, a few consumers will buy.


Hollow fireproof glass: this kind of fireproof glass, visibility is smaller than other material glass, new products developed in recent years. It not only has good fire resistance, but also has a good barrier effect on noise pollution. It is innovated and improved on the basis of insulating glass. At present this kind of glass through different processing methods, has been made into different forms, each functional products.


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