What Kind of Aluminum Windows Will You Choose?
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What Kind of Aluminum Windows Will You Choose?

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In recent years, aluminum alloy doors and windows made of aluminum alloy have been favored by consumers and widely used by home decoration users.


The most popular windows types are as follows:

1. Casement window

Casement windows are the form of opening inside and outside, there are two types of opening and opening. The inward opening type aluminum alloy window is more convenient to clean, but it takes up a little space; the outward opening type does not occupy the indoor space when it is opened, so cleaning is relatively inconvenient.

In general, casement windows have a large area that can be opened, better ventilation, and relatively strong sealing. But not suitable for oversized windows.


2. Sliding windows

Sliding windows are a common type of aluminum alloy doors and windows, and there are also two types: left and right and up and down. Because opening and closing windows are all on the same plane, it is simple and beautiful, and it is convenient to install screen windows, so it is more popular. However, the disadvantage is that most of the windows can only be opened halfway, the window area cannot be fully utilized for ventilation, and the sealing performance is relatively poor.


3. Top-hung windows

A top-hung window means that the window is connected and fixed with the window frame through hinges, etc., and the opened rear part is suspended in the air. Generally, it cannot be fully opened, and the window is opened smaller. People cannot enter from the outside, and it will be relatively safe. The advantage of top-hung windows is that they are both ventilated and safe, and now there are many windows that combine top-hung windows and casement sliding windows.


According to the location of the house and the size of the window to choose the appropriate type of aluminum alloy doors and windows

1. For ordinary doors and windows on high floors, sliding windows are generally selected, which are safer and relatively space-saving. It is more appropriate to choose the ones with better sealing performance. Because only the aluminum alloy doors and windows with better sealing will not see water and prevent the weather like heavy rain.

2. For ordinary doors and windows on low floors, if the area of the doors and windows is not particularly large, you can choose casement windows and sliding windows according to your preferences. If the casement windows are open, the ventilation effect will be better. If it is a small area of doors and windows in the bedroom, it is recommended to install casement windows to make good use of the window area.

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