What Is Firerated Glass?
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What Is Firerated Glass?

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What Is Firerated Glass?

When it comes to insulated glass, fire-rated glass is one of the most cost effective choices for homes and commercial structures. It is virtually impenetrable to fire, both external and internal, and it has a surprisingly high resistance to heat flow. Its extreme insulation is also a contributing factor in its ability to resist heat flow, but not enough to keep your home warm during the winter or cool during the summer. The solution lies in a fire-rated glass door, which can not only be an energy-efficient addition to any room, but it can also be used as part of an integrated system to achieve thermal mass within the building by reducing the internal temperatures of a building from the point where the air and space to meet to a comfortable temperature, while still maintaining the required airflow to encourage natural ventilation.

Fireratedglass is made with two different types of metal - steel and aluminum - which are mixed together through a process that ensures a consistent and even thickness throughout the material. Once this is done, the glass is heat treated to become opaque, which will increase the material's structural strength and reduction in energy consumption. This treatment also gives the glass the high-impact safety ratings, it enjoys, which allows the glass to be combined with other safety features such as multi-point locking systems, high-impact safety glasses, and high-impact safety doors. These safety features are not added to a fire-rated door for aesthetic reasons but to ensure the structural integrity of the door itself - and the building as a whole.

In terms of safety rating, fire-rated glass is one of the most stringent available. High-impact ratings allow for the protection of occupants from direct hits, but it is the secondary impact that will ultimately cause damage - from flying debris or heat penetration. High-impact safety ratings are measured using a scale of one to five stars, with stars indicating greater structural integrity. While glass can suffer minor cracks over time, these cannot develop into a severe issue unless they are near a penetrant and cannot impact security enough to compromise the safety of your building. With its structural strength and impact ratings, fire-rated glass is a long-standing industry standard that ensures both you and your customers have peace of mind when they walk into a building that has this type of safety feature.

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