What Is Fire rated Glass?
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What Is Fire rated Glass?

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What Is Fire rated Glass?

Fire rated glass is a bit different than regular fireproofing. A normal non-fireproof window is really just an ordinary sheet of glass that has been treated so that it can withstand fire, heat, and water damage. If you're looking for real fire protection, you need to have a window that's made out of fire-rated glass, because ordinary sheets of glass will not be able to withstand fire for any length of time, let alone the intense pressures of a fire blast. If your fireproofing needs include protecting a certain area of your interior from high winds or rain, then you'll need to buy a fire-rated glass. If you want your entire home fireproofed, then you will need to buy multiple pieces of fireproofing glass for every floor of the house.

Simply put, fire-rated glass is glass that has been treated with a special fire-resistant coating. A sheet of standard glass that's been treated won't stand up to fire for any amount of time, because the coating makes the metal backing of the glass soft and malleable, making it easier to bend and break. When you have a fire-rated window, however, the metal backing of the glass is completely fireproof and will withstand tremendous pressures for as long as you live in the house.

If you are in the market for fire-rated glazing, the first step in finding the right solution for your particular situation is to consult a professional contractor. He or she will know what sort of windows you need, and they will also know which type of fire-rated glazing is best for your home. You can choose between rigid gas fire doors, which are attached to the wall directly, or you can choose from a hosing stream test, where the material is pumped through an insulated hose, and then tested on fire. The hosing stream test is more expensive, but it is better at protecting you from fire. For many homes, this isn't enough.

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