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The designer used about 20,000 glass bricks

Create a nearly transparent facade

This light and flexible texture

Transparent visual effects

Let the entire sales department

Stand out from similar buildings around

It's so beautiful!

glass brickglass bricks

but such a beautiful material turned out to be a glass brick.

In the impression this material has been out of date for more than ten years.

Is it back as popular as terrazzo?

no no no ~

Glass bricks have always been a clear stream in the material world.

Let us re-know it today.


What is a glass brick?

It is a block or hollow box shaped by pressing glass, it's larger glass product.

solid glass brick

Material characteristics: with high light transmittance and selection perspective, green environmental protection, sound insulation and heat insulation, dustproof, moisture-proof, anti-condensation, high compressive strength, strong impact resistance, and high safety performance.

Glass bricks are usually used as wall partitions and screens in space design, its translucent effect guarantees privacy.It can also be used to decorate occlusion and divide space.

Glass bricks occupy a considerable proportion in the decoration market, generally used for high-end decoration to create a dazzling atmosphere.

china glass bricksclear glass bricksglass bricks

The glass bricks on the market are generally divided into solid glass brick and hollow glass brick.

The solid glass brick has its own name called crystal brick what are made by high temperature pressing in the mold.

Hollow glass brick

Hollow glass bricks are first made with molds.

Fluted glass like an ashtray.

Thickness is about 5mm-6mm.


Then put two concave "ashtray ports"

High temperature pressed together.


Hollow structure can make the performance of brick sound insulation better.glass bricks

In addition to transparent and frosted hollow glass bricks,there are many different embossed shapes.This is just an introduction.

Solid glass brick (crystal brick)

china glass bricks

Melt the glass first, then pour the hot glass liquid into the mold.


After the glass bricks are initially fixed and formed, then throw the red-hot glass into the water to cool down.Then going through several grinding processes.

Finally, it can be turned into jelly-like tofu blocks, smooth and transparent surface like crystal, hard and wear-resistant like crystal,that's why it is called crystal brick.


The development of glass bricks

Glass bricks has become an exquisite material

It is transparent, soundproof and fireproof, quite practical and beautiful

How could it be eliminated?


There have been more and more buildings began to use glass bricks as materials in China in recent years

The charming light is incomparable with ordinary materials when the light diffuses through the glass brick.

Through the following case.

Let's take a look at the real strength of glass bricks.


Application of glass brick in design

Optical Glass House, Japan

glass brick

The exterior wall of the house is made of transparent glass bricks, the entire optical glass wall weighs 13 tons.

Supported by overhead steel beams and four vertical main keels are connected to the garden floor structure, uniform force distribution minimizes structure.And created a waterfall effect, subtle roughness of the glass surface brings an unpredictable effect of refracted light and shadow to the building.

glass brick wallchina decorative glass brickClear Lattice Glass Bricksglass bricks

The Glass Fortress Sales Center

Designer's sales office made of 20,000 glass bricks.

Simple and fresh appearance, low-key and light interior.


Hermes House (Tokyo, Japan)

38Decorative Glass BrickDecorative Glass Brick37clear glass bricks

Le Prisme Concert Hall, France

48glass brick wallglass brick

Construction technology of glass brick

Traditional construction process of glass brick

1. Prepare the required materials before construction, generally need: glass bricks, cement, sand, admixtures (gypsum powder, adhesives, etc.), reinforcing steel, silk felt, channel steel, metal profile frame, etc.

2. Mix white cement, fine sand, construction glue, water according to 10: 10: 0.3: 3 into a mortar.

3. Install the "+" or "T" type positioning bracket.

4. Use mortar to build glass bricks. From bottom to top, layer by layer.

5. After finishing the construction, remove the excess plates on the positioning bracket.

6. Use greasy knife to sew and remove excess mortar.

7. Use a damp cloth to wipe off the mortar on the glass brick in time.

Mortar masonry

glass brick wall

But this simple and rough mortar masonry method isn't suitable for pure glass bricks.

Cross positioning

glass brick

In addition to these two more common construction methods, there are some secrets of the designer.

For example, the Japanese optical glass house mentioned above wears it with steel bars, of course this glass brick needs to be specially designed and customized for the size of the hole.

glass brick wall

The construction process of the Crystal Palace in Amsterdam

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