Types and Characteristics of Fireproof Glass Partitions
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Types and Characteristics of Fireproof Glass Partitions

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The main function of fireproof glass partition is to control the spread of fire or to isolate smoke. It is a measure-type fireproof material. The main raw materials of  fire resistant glass partition are five kinds of glass, which are mainly classified according to different fire performance. Today's partition will introduce the main types of  fire resistant glasss partitions.


1. Compound type

It is composed of two or more layers of original glass sheets with one or more layers of water-soluble inorganic fireproof glue interlayers. When a fire occurs, the fire-facing glass will burst soon after encountering high temperature, and its fireproof glue interlayer will foam and expand about ten times successively, forming a hard milky white foam fireproof glue board, which can effectively block the flame and isolate the high temperature and harmful gases. It is suitable for fire doors and windows, fire partitions and important parts of fire partitions in building rooms, corridors and passages.


2. Monolithic

Single-piece fire resistant glass is a fire-resistant glass with a single-layer glass structure. It can maintain the integrity of fire resistance and block open flames and toxic and harmful gases on the fire-facing surface within a certain period of time, but it does not have the effect of thermal insulation. It is suitable for exterior curtain walls, exterior windows, skylights, smoke-blocking vertical walls, fire-resistant glass frameless doors, and partition walls without thermal insulation requirements.


3. Perfusion type

It is composed of two layers of original glass sheets, which are sealed with special flame-retardant adhesive strips. The fireproof glue poured in the middle is solidified into a transparent jelly and bonded to the glass. After encountering high temperature, the transparent jelly-like fireproof adhesive layer in the middle of the glass will harden rapidly, forming an opaque fireproof insulation board, which prevents the spread of flame and also prevents the conduction of high temperature to the back fire surface. This kind of fireproof glass not only has fireproof and thermal insulation properties, but also has excellent sound insulation effect. It is suitable for fire doors and windows, building patios, atriums, shared spaces, and computer room fire resistant glass partition wall.


Firep resistant glass partitions features

1. Smoke-proof

 In the event of a fire, it can effectively prevent the smoke generated by the fire. This is the most basic requirement. Reasonably and effectively blocking the smoke generated by the fire and avoiding the formation of the chimney effect is the basis for controlling the spread of the fire and ensuring that the evacuation channel is unobstructed or the refuge is effective.


2. Refractory integrity

 When a fire occurs, it can prevent the flame from penetrating or prevent the flame from appearing on the back fire side for a certain period of time. According to the design requirements of building fire protection, the fire partition should have good integrity. If there is - burn and collapse, - burn and collapse or fail to meet the fire prevention time limit, the disaster will spread, and the purpose of reducing fire losses will not be achieved.


3. Fire resistance and heat insulation

 The fireproof glass partition can be refractory and heat insulating, and the temperature of the backfire surface can rise within a limited time so as not to burn the items in the backfire area. It can meet the requirements of smoke isolation and ensure completeness. Because the heat generated by the fire passes through a large amount of thermal radiation after the fireproof glass, the flammable materials on the back fire side burn, and it does not play a role in fire prevention.

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