The Difference Between Fire Rated Glass and Firelite
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The Difference Between Fire Rated Glass and Firelite

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The Difference Between Fire Rated Glass and Firelite

Understanding fire rated glass depends on understanding fire resistance and understanding which types of glass are appropriate for a given application. Using fire rated glass in an environment where the environment has been recently compromised by fire, is not a wise choice, as this type of glass is not appropriate for use in those environments. Understanding why fire-rated glass is important to a business, house or building is also important to understand the implications of not having fire rated glass in a fire-rated application, as well as the different types of glass one should be using for such applications.

Understanding fire rated glass requires understanding a simple fire resistance rating formula. This formula is simple to understand and use, and is the basis for determining the safety factor of a product. This rating scale uses the following scale: V(Hazard) = maximum positive pressure (HSP), and V(Impact) = the maximum instantaneous wind speed in inches per second (inches/sec). Using fire rated glass in a fire-rated environment is comparable to installing studs in a fire-retardant building in the event that there is a threat of fire, as both situations create potential for smoke entry into the structure through broken windows or doors. Understanding fire rated glass and their significance to various projects can provide a contractor or design professional with the information necessary to make an informed decision with respect to the use of fire-rated glazing systems.

Many contractors are unsure as to which is the right product for their project, whether it is for residential or commercial buildings. It is important for these contractors to understand what each product type can do in terms of reducing fire risk, so they can make the best decision regarding which is the right product for the project. 

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