Smart Glass: A Way Of Life
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Smart Glass: A Way Of Life

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Smart Glass: A Way Of Life

PDLC smart glass is the latest technology that makes possible the transfer of electronic information from a source computer to an application computer by using heat or light. PDLC or 'Procedural Liquid Crystal Display' is a substrate material used for the microchip implementation of information. Smart glass is defined as a thin layer of glass (or sometimes Teflon) that is applied to the topmost layer of a substrate and protected with a layer of substrate sealant. The light or the electronic signal can then be transmitted through the thin film using a variety of techniques including conductive laser transfer, electrical, conductive, infrared, optical, and hybrid techniques.

PDLC smart glass was first developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1980. Since then it has been developed and commercialized by a number of companies including Avaya, Cisco, Apple, Dremel, Kerkorian, Nortel, ShoreTel, and Xerox. PDLC is the most commonly used method for the implementation of information to the microchips. It is capable of differentiating between different kinds of media that are then used to transfer the electronic signals between the input and output devices.

In addition to smart glass and its wide range of applications it is also essential for the creation of smart buildings. Many buildings make use of this smart technology to create windows that are able to program depending on the user's needs and preferences. This way the building occupants can have their windows personalized to show only relevant media based on their settings such as weather alerts, flight status, and much more. This innovation has not only created a great improvement in safety within the buildings but also increased indoor and outdoor productivity and thereby increased revenue too. Therefore, smart window technology is a definite option that will definitely help us to simplify our lives.

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