Safe Glass-How much do you know?
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Safe Glass-How much do you know?

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Safety glass is a special type of glass that won't hurt people even if it breaks. There are many types of safety glass on the market, so what kinds of safety glass are there?

Safety glass mainly includes tempered glass, laminated glass, bulletproof glass, fireproof glass, wired glass and other types.

(1). Toughened glass is used for doors, windows, curtain walls, shielding and shop windows of high-rise buildings, portholes of warships and ships, and desktop glass.


(2). Wired glass is suitable for doors and windows of industrial plants with large vibrations, roof lighting skylights, warehouses, library doors and windows that require safety and fire protection, balconies, corridors, fire doors, stairwells, elevator shafts, etc. of public buildings.


(3). Laminated glass is mainly used as windshield glass for automobiles and aircraft, bulletproof glass, building doors and windows with special safety requirements, partition walls, skylights for industrial plants, and certain underwater projects.


(4). Fire-proof glass, a transparent gel is condensed between the glass. When encountering high temperature, it can automatically decompose and absorb a large amount of heat, so that the glass will not break temporarily and prevent the spread of fire. It is suitable for fire partitions or fire escapes of buildings.


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