PDLC Magic Glass Film Smart Glass 10mm PDLC Self Adhesive Smart Glass Film
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PDLC Magic Glass Film Smart Glass 10mm PDLC Self Adhesive Smart Glass Film


What Is Pdlc Smart Glass Film?

Pdlc Smart Film also call privacy smart film, smart pdlc film, switchable pdlc film, switchable privacy smart pdlc film, smart glass pdlc film, smart glass film. It is state of the art laminated glass with a PDLC film interlayer between two sheets of 5mm safety tempered glass. The PDLC film is two layer PET-ITO conducting film + Middle inside (LCD) Liquid Crystal Membrane.

The smart film is an intelligent high function glass film, which has a special characteristic of changing between translucent and opaque by voltage control. When power off, coming visible light scatters through the PDLC, and the film turns translucent; When power on, coming visible light transmits the PDLC and the film turns clear.
sliding glass door smart lock

Product details

Details Of Pdlc Smart Film:




Optical Parameters

Visible Light


Power On


Power Off



Power On


Power Off


Visual Angle

Power On


Electrical Parameters

Operating Voltage

Power On


Power Consumption

Power On


Response Time





Physical Parameters



White, blue, green, yellow, red, gray



4mm+film+4mm, 5mm+film+5mm, 6mm+film+6mm,

8mm+film+8mm, 10mm+film+10mm

Max size of glass



Max size of film





In Roll: 1/1.2/1.5m

In Sheet: ≤1.5m



In Roll: 30/60m, etc

In Sheet: Any

On/Off Lifespan


>100, 000 times


Power On

>10 years

Environmental Parameters

Working Temperature



Storage Temperature




Privacy Protection and Space Partition

The smart glass switches between opaque and transparent, its priority function is privacy protection, meanwhile, allows architects and contractors to provide creative design concepts on demands.

Projection Screen

Ideal solution for a rear-projection screen with high contrast.

Safety and


Improve glass shatter resistance.

Heat Insulation

Blocking 99% ultraviolet radiation, 98% infra-red rays, preventing fading of your floors and soft furnishings, protecting your skin.

Sound Insulation

Blocking noise by 20% more than ordinary glass.

Multiple Control Mode

To meet the needs of different occasions, various controls are available, such as remote control, wall switch, light sensor, voice control, mobile APP, etc.

Product type

1. Water proof smart glass

2. Bullet proof smart glass

3. Smart glass door / windows, smart glass partitions

4. Smart glass bathroom

5. Smart glass projection screen

6. Hollow sound insulation smart glass

7. Energy saving and environmental protection smart glass

8. Colorful smart glass/Digital printing dimmer Glass

9. Anti-skid smart glass

10. LED smart glass

11. UV protect smart glass

smart glass film

Application Place Of Pdlc Smart Film:

1. Operation department, slap-up office / meeting room / reception room, luxury villa / privacy room, doors / windows / partitions of senior entertainment.

2. Special ward / operation room of hospital, monitoring room / inquire room of police station, court, prison.

3. High-end bathroom / cars, lorries, luxury yacht.

4. Jewelry shop, museum, insurance counter, automatic equipment.

5. Large-scale projection screens

6. All kinds of places which need daylight and privacy

smart glass film
smart glass film
smart glass film

smart glass film

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