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Stylish, practical and safe.

Integral BlindsIntegral Blinds are one of Rato's favorite glass features.They are the perfect combination of practicality, safety and design.In addition to pleasing colors, it offers a variety of color options, ideal for any interior design.They are highly practical.

Because the blinds are inaccessible (because they are located between the double-glazed glass panels), they will not be damaged or dirty. Therefore, you will no longer need to clean the blinds.

They provide perfect privacy for the windows next to the sidewalk, without the use of bulky wooden shutters to reduce light.

Integrated shutters can be added to most existing Windows and are available with double and triple glazing options.

Perfect for nurseries and children's rooms

child safe integral internal blindsYou can also order blinds in anthracite gray. Because of the color, they work as effectively as blackout blinds. Because the ropes inside the edge of the blinds form tiny pinholes, it will not cause 100% blackout. However, they are an excellent substitute for baby blinds, and experienced parents will know that such blinds can prevent the room from breathing. Encourage mold growth.

These blinds are a total winner for parents of babies and toddlers, not to mention that they are cool for teenagers and us.

Pet proof

anti pets Integral Blinds

It doesn't matter if you are a cat or a dog, you don't need to change the blinds anymore because of the time your pet is playing. Since the blinds are wrapped in glass, no matter how much you try, they will not succeed. Just added benefits, they don't accumulate dust and are easy to clean.

anti pets Integral Blinds

We have hollow blinds in various colors, please contact us if you need them.

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