How would you choose a glass partition?
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How would you choose a glass partition?

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How would you choose a glass partition?

The main function of glass partitions is to use glass as partition walls to divide space according to needs, making better use of space to meet various home and office uses.


Glass partition space can be expressed in many forms:

Use glass bricks to create glass screens for decoration in the living room and entrance hall, use opaque semi-enclosed glass sliding door partitions in the kitchen and bathroom, and use fully enclosed glass partitions in the bathroom, which are all good choices.


Functional Area:

First of all, glass partitions have a wide range of applications, such as home decoration applications (entrance, living room, bathroom, etc.), office area division, building indoor area division, etc... Choose the appropriate partition depending on the installation location. At the same time, glass is easy to reflect light, so during installation When doing so, it is necessary to fully consider whether its position will cause conflict between the light source and the line of sight.

Consistent hue:

Note that the color tone of the glass partition is consistent with the overall decoration style: if the glass partition is glass with a strong decorative effect, it will create an extraordinary artistic effect through fantastic color changes. The office area is suitable for lightness and conciseness, so the most important thing is to keep the color tone consistent with the overall decoration style.

Monolithic area:

If the whole piece of glass is not used for partition, there will be a relatively large safety hazard from an architectural point of view. Therefore, without affecting the overall effect, the proportion of the frame should be increased as much as possible to reduce the chance of glass being collided.

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