How To Choose High Quality Fireproof Glass
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How To Choose High Quality Fireproof Glass

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How To Choose High Quality Fireproof Glass

How to choose high-quality fireproof glass? First of all, we need to look at the company's quality assurance system, production equipment, technical strength, testing methods, etc. Because these key factors are different for each manufacturer, choosing a fireproof glass brand is as important as choosing a product type, and sometimes even more important. Secondly, you can choose from the following simple and easy-to-operate methods:

1) Check whether the product has a brand or manufacturer name that is not easy to erase; and find out whether the brand is a registered trademark, registration category, and registration time; check the third-party test report and report content (product name, product model, specifications, size, installation method, fire resistance time, testing agency), product certification and access information, etc.; fire-resistant doors, windows, partitions, curtain walls and other products used on site must be consistent with the report description.

2) Check whether the brand has good compliance production equipment, superb production technology and standardized fire resistant testing equipment.

3) Raw materials inventory in warehouse. What kind of glass sheets are they? Non-first-line brand sheets cannot produce good fireproof glass. High borosilicate sheets are the most ideal, followed by ultra-clear sheets and first-line brand automotive-grade sheets.

4) Regarding the fire resistance of single-piece fireproof glass, high borosilicate fireproofing is better than ultra-white fireproofing and high-stress fireproofing.

5) For 3-hour fire protection, although the fire resistance limit of a single piece of high borosilicate fireproof glass can be measured to be C2.00h and C3.00h, according to the "Code for Fire Protection Design of Buildings" GB50016, the scenes where 3-hour fire protection is generally used are fireproof and heat-insulating firewalls, which should use A1.50h (Class A) or A3.00h, not C3.00h.

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