Have you seen these 13 ways of opening doors and Windows?
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Have you seen these 13 ways of opening doors and Windows?

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Have you seen these 13 ways of opening doors and Windows?

In our daily life, the most common way we open a window is push& pull window,  casement window. However, there are many other ways to open it.

1, push& pull window

Easy to use, safe and reliable, long service life, free to choose the opening position, it does not occupy indoor space when open. Open in a plane, easy to install and use screen window, curtain. Relatively economical and affordable point. Performance defects: the maximum opening can only reach the entire window area of 1/2; In the wind and rain weather, the window can only be closed; The tightness of the push-pull window is poor.


2,casement window: good ventilation, good sealing, sound insulation, heat preservation, anti-permeability performance. Casement window and fenestration outside and inside fenestration. The clean window of inside open style is convenient,outside open type does not occupy a space when open.  Performance defects: When the inner window is opened, part of the indoor space will be occupied. Children will touch the window corner when playing without attention, and the curtain cannot be closed when it is opened. When the outer window is opened, the wind area is large and easy to be damaged. In some places, the installation of the outer window is prohibited at high altitude.


3, Inward tilt-turn window

It can be opened in the flat, and can be suspended under the casement window.

Inside open inside inverted window is a new form developed on the basis of casement window. It can be opened in two ways, either flat or inverted (the upper sash inclines inward). When inverted, a gap of about 15 centimeters can be opened, that is, the window can be opened a little from above, and the open part is suspended in the air, and fixed with the window frame through hinges and so on.


4. The overhanging open windows

Casement window that can be opened outwards and suspended.


5.Full opening window

As the name suggests, a window in which the sash can be fully opened.


6.  Double hung frame in America

American pull Windows are composed of a fixed frame, an inner sash, an outer sash and a screw balancing accessory that can slide up and down. It has good sealing and heat insulation performance. Corrosion resistance, long service life. Due to the unique design and assembly concept, the window sash opening and closing, light, flexible, labor-saving, window sash can stay in any position, convenient installation, especially suitable for installation in hospitals, office buildings, dining halls, residential and other places.

7.AB door that can be pushed and pulled and can be opened flat

The door evolved from Singapore Pd door, that is, inherited the advantages of Pd door, and enhance the performance of sound insulation; The door swing space is small, saving space; No ground rail design, easy to enter and exit, will not accumulate dust, good cleaning, wide range of use, can be made between the balcony and the living room door, kitchen door, bathroom door, partition door, garage door, shop door.

8.Flat push window

A flat push window is a window installed with a flat push hinge, which can open or close the sash parallel to the direction of the facade normal.
This flat push hinge is installed around the window, when the window is opened, the sash will not be like hinges or friction hinges along the side of the window single axis or multiple axis of the joint action of the trajectory, as the name implies, but the whole sash translation out.

9.Nordic flip window

Inside and out at will,a flat window can also be flipped.

10.Fold Windows in Argentina

Argentinian architect Aldana Ferrer Garcia designed the folding open Windows, three of which he has given the fanciful name 'More Sky'.

The Hopper Niche is one of the most popular, with a 15-degree slant that looks like a window that has been left open all year round.

The Awning Niche, which looks like three 'hopper niches' stacked in reverse, is 45° from the vertical wall, which is exactly the space for a lounge chair to comfortably gaze up into the sky.

"Casement Niche" is like a space with a casement window closed by glass, forming a circular arc, you can sit directly inside reading or meditation, suspended in the air may promote thinking.


11.German "Transformers" type balcony window
Bloomframe is a dynamic frame that wraps up with floor-to-ceiling Windows and stretches out like a drawbridge to create an open balcony. The design by Hofman Dujardin won the Red Dot Design Award in Germany in 2008.

12.Balcony window on the slope top

The Windows, developed by a Danish company, are separated into two upper and lower frames that open up at a 45-degree Angle to lock in place and form the roof of the balcony. The lower part of the window frame can be opened forward, forming the front perimeter of the balcony.

When it opens, the side guardrail like the handrail slides out to both sides; When the Windows are closed, these side rails are closed and hidden.


13.Korean pan flat door

The foreign aluminum alloy door is a little special, that is, suitable for shops, hotels, hotels and other public places to use; Also suitable for family villa side door, back door, garage door; The partition door of the balcony that suits to do common commodity house and sitting room at the same time,accomplished a multi-purpose truly.  The flat doors on both sides of the door can be opened both inside and outside, somewhat similar to the ground door, the middle door can be shifted, and when it is shifted to both sides, it can be opened flat, so as to maximize the opening position of the door. The whole door is a bit like a folding door, but with more utility and flexibility than a folding door.

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