Hardware Accessories of Fire Rated Doors
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Hardware Accessories of Fire Rated Doors

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This is a combination of doors, frames, hardware and glass working together as one component. Fire door accessories play a critical role in saving lives and minimizing property damage by providing a safe exit and separating fire, smoke and hazardous situations.

Generally, fire rated door accessories includes: fire proof handle, fire proof lock, push lock, hinge, door closer.


A brief introduction to door closer for fire doors: Fire door closer are now widely used everywhere for different types of doors and are designated as a very important safety feature for users.


A door closer is a standard piece of hardware designed to close doors mechanically or automatically. It is usually installed on the top of the door or on the door frame, some of them are even hidden inside doors.


Fire door closer acts as a means to contain the spread of fire and smoke while also protecting emergency exit routes.


Fire door closer are designed to ensure that it will naturally return to the closed position that provides full fire protection after the door is opened.


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