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Fire safety is a priority for most architects and engineers. Government regulations also require commercial buildings to be completely fire-safe. While ensuring fire-safety, you should not have to compromise with the aesthetics of your working space. The best method to keep your building both fire-safe and stylish is installing heat resistant glass.

How is Heat Resistant Glass Made?

Heat-resistant glass is a select type of glass that can endure a high range of temperature differentials. It is usually made using soda lime, silica sand, and some added a heat-resistant chemical.

Boric oxide is usually mixed with the molten glass before subjecting it to a furnace. It lowers the coefficient of thermal expansion for glass, making it resistant to fire shocks. Apart from using boric oxide, several other chemicals and manufacturing methods can produce heat-resistant glass. Aluminosilicate glass containing Aluminium oxide is known to witness about 800 degrees. Aluminosilicate glass is highly resistant to most chemicals. Fused Quartz and High Silica glass provide perhaps the highest degree of fire resistance. Some types can withstand temperatures as high as 1000 degrees.  

Several international ratings determine the resistivity of such glass.

1. Class E: Such glass prevents fire, smoke and flames and keeps the fire contained.

2. Class EW: The level to which glass can limit heat transfer and contain a fire.

3. Class EI: The ability of glass to prevent the transfer of fire and smoke.

Uses of Heat-Resistant Glass in Commercial Building

1. Server Rooms

Most industries nowadays depend heavily on computerized equipment. As a result, owners tend to devote one room to store all computers and electronic equipment. These rooms – called server rooms – are perhaps the life of your business. Since computers and other heat-generating electronic equipment are placed in these rooms, there is a considerable risk of accidental fires. Even if a fire breaks out in some other part of your office space, it can damage the computers stored in server rooms. Any exposure to fire can cause loss of vulnerable data from your computer. To protect your data from physical harm, install fire-resistant glass, i.e., Rato glass in your server rooms. Rato glassl not only resists fire but also effectively prevents the fire from spreading.

2. Fire-Safe Floors

Most modern commercial spaces have glass floors added as a style element. In case of a fire breakout, ordinary, or even toughened glass can shatter easily. It might injure your employees and cause excessive loss of property. To make sure that your floors do not catch fire easily, install rato glass. Having heat-resistant glass floors will prevent the fire from spreading to different stories and will give you more time to evacuate.

3. Glass Partitions

Glass partitions make most rooms look sleek, stylish and open. An increasing number of commercial spaces are now equipped with floor-to-ceiling glass partitions instead of bulky brick or wooden walls. Regular glass does not provide any protection from fire or heat. Even if a small fire initiates in some part of your office, it can spread without resistance and cause glass partitions to shatter. Heat resistant glass contains the damage to a small area and is not prone to breakage. On top of that, fire-rated glass like AIS Pyrobel is easier to maintain and reduces noise.

4. Stairs‘Entry and Exit Points

In most commercial buildings, staircases are used as fire-safety exits. It is crucial, therefore, to enclose stairwells using fire-rated glass. In case of an accidental fire, fire-resistant glass doors at staircase entry and exit points will prevent the fire from spreading to the emergency exit. This will make your building safer, sleek, and more accessible.

5. Doors and Windows

Sometimes, a fire might start outside your building. Fire spreads very quickly through regular glass windows, shattering them in the process. If you want to minimize the damage caused by external fires, install doors and windows with AIS Pyrobel. AIS Pyrobel prevents the spread of fire inside-out or outside-in, making your commercial space very safe.

6. Lift Enclosures

Almost all multi-storied commercial buildings have lifts. Traditionally, metal or wooden doors were considered appropriate lift enclosures. However, metal and wood are not significantly resistant to heat and fire. Since metal and wood are entirely opaque, you cannot monitor a fire breakout from inside or outside the lift. AIS Pyrobel comes in here to provide optimum fire resistance and complete transparency. Having heat resistant glass in lift enclosure prevents damage to life and property while also adding sleekness to your office.

Why Rato glass?

Rato fire rated glass is a two-sided fire-resistant glass. At each step of fabrication, Rato glass under goes multiple inspections.Rato takes utmost care in designing and cutting fire-resistant glass for your commercial or domestic space. Rato glass has unique intumescent layers that provide added fire safety and complete transparency. Despite being fire safe; it offers free vision with minimal distortion. Rato glass comes in several types with different ratings. Our experts help you choose the one most suitable for your commercial building.

Rato ensures that you have a hassle-free experience while choosing fire rated glass for your commercial space. Our experts assist you in everything from shopping and cutting to installation. Rato never compromises with the quality and provides you with world-class glass solutions. Contact us today to make your commercial space incredibly safe with rato.

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