Fireproof Strips for Fireproof Windows
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Fireproof Strips for Fireproof Windows

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Fireproof Strips for Fireproof Windows

Fire-resistant windows are fire-resistant glass windows that meet both fire-resistant integrity and thermal insulation integrity. Fire-resistant windows are a whole composed of fire-resistant glass, frames, fire-resistant expansion strips, etc., and they are indispensable. They work together to ensure the performance of fire-resistant windows. This shows the importance of fireproof expansion strips.


The main function of fire-proof expansion strips is to provide fire-proof sealing, heat insulation and hinder the spread of fire. It is mainly used for fire-resistant windows/fire-proof windows (steel profiles, aluminum profiles, wood profiles and other windows); fire-resistant glass doors; steel Fire doors, etc.

The principle of fire-proof expansion strips: When a fire occurs, the carbon foam formed by the thermal expansion of the strips is sticky, will not drain or fall, and burns slowly. The expansion area is large and can be expanded to 15-20 times the original size. It can expand in all directions or mainly in one direction, completely filling the surrounding gaps to form a good heat insulation layer and create an effective fire and smoke barrier.

How to use fireproof expansion strips:

1. Mainly used for sealing between the surrounding fireproof glass and profiles on fireproof windows/fire-resistant windows;

2. Fireproof windows open the fireproof sealing of the gap between the window sash and the profile;

3. Fireproof sealing between the fireproof window frame and the solid wall;

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