Fire Resistant Glass and Fire Safety Glass
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Fire Resistant Glass and Fire Safety Glass

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Fire Resistant Glass and Fire Safety Glass

Fire Resistant Glass is a special type of specially treated glass specially designed to withstand the harmful effects of fire and smoke without being affected by them. These glass panels are very useful in homes, offices, shops, and other structures where one would want to keep off the fire from spreading or combustion. Fireproofing is done by using fireproofing materials on the outermost layer of the glass, while the interior layer is fireproofed using a layer of non-flammable or fire-resistant paint. This would give occupants or employees valuable extra time to evacuate in case of an unexpected fire. For houses and other structures, fireproofing is performed by professionals to make sure that the property is adequately protected. One way in which fireproofing works is by ensuring that the structure is well insulated; the energy absorbed by the air during cold seasons is less than the energy absorbed by the heat during the summer season.

In order to have fire glass installed in a structure, it should be created through a special process wherein molten metal alloy is poured into moulds, cooled down, and shaped into different shapes. As the metal melts, gases that cause fire are formed; therefore, proper precautions should be taken to keep the fire from spreading. A special powder-based fire glass that is non-combustible is used for this purpose. The inside surface of the panel is usually made of melamine, which are resistant to fire, and the exterior surface, which are highly non-combustible, is made of synthetic material such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This is why fire glass is placed inside safety glass or fireproof glass, which is placed over the panels.

Some areas have introduced new laws regarding the use of fire resistant glass as a tool to fight fire. This new law requires all buildings that house any type of open flame to install fire safety glass within the premises. This law aims to make the building owner aware of the risks of using open flames. Fire is no longer the main killer of homes and business establishments; carbon monoxide, electrical fires, gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning are now considered as the top cause of death.

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