Fire Rated Glass
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Fire Rated Glass

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Fire Rated Glass

Fire rated glass is made by insulating the inner core with sheet metal and sealing it using zinc or some other inert material. In doing so, the interior of the glass remains safe from combustion gases, and flammable vapors, but not from heat damage. Fireproofing, as this process is commonly called, is essential to the safety of glass-makers because most modern buildings are constructed with glass panels that face the elements. Moreover, the cost of fireproofing for such structures, including the roofs of residential buildings and offices, is considerable. The use of fire-rated glass, therefore, saves the contractor and the architect's time and money.

There are many types of fire rated glass, each offering different advantages in terms of both design and cost. The most common and effective is the type that incorporates a metal channel running through the interior of the panel. Architraves made of fireproof glass partitions have flat bases and are used for interior window applications in office buildings, restaurant windows, and shop windows. The channel runs entirely through the glass, providing additional structural strength while simultaneously reducing drafts.

This type of arch Daily is also used in residential buildings to provide additional security and to enhance the interior design.

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