Enhance Design with Decorative Glass
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Enhance Design with Decorative Glass

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Enhance Design with Decorative Glass

Decorative glass has a long history in the decoration process. Glass has appeared as early as ancient Rome. Stained glass was widely used in Gothic churches to create a mysterious religious atmosphere in the church. Many varieties of modern glass have greatly enhanced their aesthetics and practicality, so various types of decorative glass are widely used in interior design.


The main types of decorative glass include: ordinary glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, wired glass, insulated glass, coated glass, frosted glass, carved glass, glazed glass, screen-printed glass, etc. Applied to various buildings and vehicles respectively.


Characteristics of decorative glass:

1. Silver mirror glass. Silver mirror glass is made by using modern advanced mirror-making technology, selecting special-grade float glass as the original piece, and going through a series of processes such as sensitization, silver plating, copper plating, and protective paint coating. It is characterized by pure imaging, reflection, good color restoration, bright and natural images, and durability even in humid environments. It is a replacement product for aluminum mirrors, and its use range extends beyond aluminum mirror products.

2. Color printed glass. It is the product of the application of photography, printing and reproduction technology on glass.

3. Glaze tempered glass is made by printing glass glaze on the glass surface through a special process, and then drying and tempering it. The colored glaze is sintered on the glass surface and has the advantages of acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, never fading, safety and high strength, and has the characteristics of reflection and non-see-through.

4. Stained glass. Stained glass is a high-end glass variety that is widely used. It is made by using special pigments to directly ink on the glass, or spray-carving various patterns on the glass and adding colors. It can realistically replicate the original painting, and the painting film has strong adhesion, good weather resistance, and can be scrubbed . According to the needs of indoor chroma, stained glass can be used to integrate painting, color and lighting. For example, copying landscapes, landscapes, coastal jungle paintings, etc. are used in the entrance hall and central hall to bring the vitality and vitality of nature into the room.

5. Sandblasted glass. Sandblasted glass includes patterned glass and sand-engraved glass. It is a glass product that is processed into horizontal or concave patterns on glass by an automatic horizontal sandblasting machine or a vertical sandblasting machine.

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