Do you know the types of fireproof glass doors?
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Do you know the types of fireproof glass doors?

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Fireproof glass door is a measure-type fireproof decoration material. The same as fireproof doors of other materials. There are many types of fireproof glass doors on the market.

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What are the types of fireproof glass doors:

1. Single layer fireproof glass door

Fire-resistant glass is a fire rated glass with a single-layer glass structure. Maintain fire-resistant integrity for a certain period of time, block the flames and toxic and harmful gases on the fire-facing surface. However, do not have the effect of heat insulation.

Application:daylighting roofs, smoke-shielding vertical walls, fire-resistant glass frameless doors, and partition walls without heat insulation requirements etc.

2.Composite fireproof glass door

Composite fireproof glass door is composed of two or more layers of original glass sheets, with one or more layers of water-soluble inorganic fireproof adhesive interlayer. When a fire breaks out, the glass on the fire-facing side bursts quickly after being exposed to high temperature, and its fireproof rubber inter layer foams and expands about ten times one after another, forming a hard milky white bubble-shaped fireproof rubber board. It effectively blocks flames, and isolates high temperature and harmful gases.

Application: Fire doors and windows of building rooms, corridors, passages, fire compartments and fire partition walls in important parts.

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3.Grouting fireproof glass door

Generally, there are two layers of original glass sheets, and the surroundings are sealed with special flame-retardant adhesive strips. The fire-proof glue poured in the middle becomes a transparent jelly-like body after curing and is bonded to the glass. When exposed to high temperature, the transparent jelly-like fireproof adhesive layer in the middle of the glass will harden rapidly to form an opaque fireproof heat insulation board. It not only has fireproof and heat insulation performance, but also has outstanding sound insulation effect.

Application:Fireproof doors and windows, building patios, courtyard, shared spaces, and fire compartment partition walls for computer rooms.

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