Bullet Resistant Bulletproof Glass Price for Bulletproof Glass Window
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Bullet Resistant Bulletproof Glass Price for Bulletproof Glass Window

Type:Laminated glass. Biggest Size:  2500*3500mm Size: Customer Size Usage: Door, Building, Window,Office partition Thickness: 20-99mm  Material:  glass
  • Lt-bp001

  • Rato

Bullet proof glass panel security tempered laminated glass with bullet film for building window door bank counter residential


Product Description

Bulletproof glass is a composite material specially processed from glass and high-quality engineering plastics. It is usually a transparent material and usually consists of a layer of polycarbonate sandwiched between ordinary glass layers.From the surface is looks like normal laminated glass, from the eye couldn't distinguish it whether bullet proof glass or not, have to been test.

Products :glass with bullet

Thickness : 20-99mm

Size: customized size dimension   

Dimension: custom-order

Other prodcuts: tempered glass, insulated glass,  insulating blind glass

Packaging: the normal package is wooden box(Size: L*W*H). If export to european countries,

the wooden box will be fumigated.If container is too tigher,we will use pe film for packing or 

pack it according to customers special request.

Delivery time: 25-30 days

Sample time 7-10 days


The reasons for the effect of bulletproof

1. The total thickness of bulletproof glass is directly proportional to the bulletproof effect.
2. The film thickness in the bulletproof glass structure is related to the bulletproof effect. For example, the bulletproof effect of the bulletproof glass using 1.52 mm film is better than that of the bulletproof glass using 0.76 mm film.
3, glass and bulletproof effect, tempered glass is not allowed, because its tempered glass will affect the observation. At the same time, if tempered glass is used, it will become obtuse-angle small particles after crushing, which will make it easier to fall off, which is not conducive to safety.

 Bulletproof glass

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 china bullet proof glass

Laminated glass has strong adhesive force,shattering glass,glass fragments will firmly adhere to the PVB film will not debris splashed harm to others,especially for high-level architectural glass.
Laminated glass will generate sound waves through the vibration damping,which can effectively block the propagation of sound and reduce noise.
Laminated glass can filter infrared,reduce heat conduction indoor and outdoor,and thus able to achieve the energy saving effect.
4.UV resistance
Laminated glass can cut off 99% of radiation in sunlight,protect indoor furniture form ultraviolet radiation caused by fading aging,reduce the risk of carcinogenicity in humans and sunburn.


 Because it is not possible to cut laminated glass by glass cutter and it is time costing and loud sound would be caused to penetrate laminated glass by other instruments, it is rather difficult to enter the house by cutting or breaking laminated glass and it is easy to be discovered. Therefore, laminated glass has strong resistance fuction to evil destruction, robbery and violence.


Packing & Loading:

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