Briefly discuss the knowledge of fire rated glass windows
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Briefly discuss the knowledge of fire rated glass windows

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Fireproof windows refer to windows that are composed of steel window frames, steel window sash, and fireproof glass, which can isolate and prevent the spread of fire.Generally, it is installed in the openings or skylights on the exterior wall of the building where the fire separation distance is insufficient, the firewall or fire partition wall in the building needs to be observed, and the opening of the exterior wall where the fire prevention fire needs to spread vertically.


The fire resistance limit of fire rated windows is the same as that of fire rated doors.

Fire rated glass windows can be divided into fixed sash and movable sash according to the installation method;

The fixed sash fireproof window cannot be opened, and can be used for daylighting, sheltering from wind and rain at ordinary times, and can prevent the fire from spreading in case of fire;

Movable sash fireproof windows can be opened and closed, and can be automatically closed in case of fire to prevent the fire from spreading. After opening, smoke can be removed, and it can also be used for lighting and ventilation at ordinary times;

In order to enable the opening and closing of the sash of the fireproof window, automatic and manual switching devices need to be installed.


Function of fire rated window:

As the name implies, a fireproof window is a window that plays a role in preventing fire. Generally speaking, it is a window that can prevent the spread of fire and isolate the fire in the event of a fire. Fireproof windows have the same functions as ordinary windows for lighting and ventilation.

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