Application of Fire Rated Glass in Construction
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Application of Fire Rated Glass in Construction

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As a special glass, fire resistant glass is a new type of building functional material, with good light transmission and fire-retardant properties. Ordinary glass will burst when it heats up rapidly in case of fire, while single-piece fire resistant glass can maintain fire resistant integrity for a certain period of time in the event of a fire.

(1) Fire Rated Door

Fire doors are very common in our lives, fire glass doors are a kind of fire doors. Fire rated glass doors have different fire rating specifications. Not all fireproof glass doors have the same fire resistance rating. Fireproof glass doors have three different fire ratings. The higher the fire rating, the better the sound insulation.

Therefore, the fireproof glass door not only has good practicability, but also can play a decorative effect. Fireproof glass doors are usually used to close the evacuation stairwell, leading to the aisle; closing the elevator, leading to the front room and the front room leading to the aisle door. Inspection doors for vertical pipeline wells such as cable wells, pipeline wells, flue exhaust ducts, garbage ducts, etc. Fire-resistant glass doors are essential fire-fighting equipment in large public places and safe places.

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(2) Fire Rated Window

Fireproof glass is often used in fireproof windows because of its fire resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation and smoke resistance. Provides us with a comfortable environment.

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(3) Fireproof Glass Partition

When architects design the interior space of the building, the fireproof partition wall can achieve the effect of transparency and openness. Due to the fire protection regulations of the building, the fireproof glass is widely used, which we call the fireproof glass partition wall. According to the design requirements of building fire protection, the fireproof glass partition wall should have good integrity. Fireproof glass partition wall is composed of fireproof glass, fireproof frame, sealing system and hardware to form a complete fire insulation system.


(4) Fire Resistant Glass Smoke-blocking Wall

The smoke-blocking vertical wall is made of fire-resistant glass and installed at a sag of not less than 500 mm from the ceiling. It is a fixed or movable smoke-blocking facility. The movable smoke blocking wall is controlled according to the temperature and smoke sense. If a fire occurs, it will automatically sag. It can be used in office buildings, high-rise large shopping malls, important warehouses and other places. But the ventilation effect is not very good. These two types of smoke barriers are a preventive measure against the spread of fire.


(5) Fireproof Glass Ceiling Platform

The glass of the fireproof zenith platform can meet the requirements of fire prevention, heat insulation and load bearing in the event of a fire, and solve the problem of the fire smoke effect of the lighting well. Easy to move around even if there is a fire nearby. Generally used in shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, shopping centers, logistics centers, theaters, stations, airports and other government office buildings. It replaces non-fireproof lighting wells and also solves the problem.


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