Advantages of Fireratedglass Over Other Types
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Advantages of Fireratedglass Over Other Types

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Advantages of Fireratedglass Over Other Types

The advantages of fireratedglass over other forms of glass for windows are numerous. The most obvious is its resistance to fire. A small amount of heat is all that is needed to cause it to break down and become damaged. With a fire rated window, there is a much lower chance of this happening because the same amount of heat that is applied to the glass is also applied to the metal frame that surrounds it. This means that the metal frame of the window does not get damaged from fire as easily.

It is common practice for manufacturers to apply a low flashpoint tempering coat on fire-rated glass to help it withstand the heat more efficiently. Because this low flashpoint coating is applied at the factory, you don't have to worry about applying one, but instead will have an easier time if you decide to apply one later. This process does require that you use mineral oil to help spread it evenly through the glass and some moderate pressure. Although this is a fairly low-tech way to apply fireproofing, it is a reliable way to help make your fireproof window glass last longer. There is also the possibility that you will have to apply the low-flashpoint coat multiple times, but since each coat has a built-in flash point protection, you shouldn't have any issues with applying them more often than necessary.

Fire-rated glass is usually manufactured from materials with higher impact ratings than most common window glass, which helps to provide better safety ratings. Fire-rated glass is also frequently sealed to provide extra safety. If you are worried about impact ratings, you should keep in mind that toughened safety glass is also available. These types of fire-rated glass materials typically have a lower impact rating than ordinary glass, but still perform well when it comes to both preventing heat transfer and providing added safety.

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