What is Bathroom Smart Mirror?
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What is Bathroom Smart Mirror?

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What is Bathroom Smart Mirror?

Bathroom smart mirrors are upgraded traditional mirrors, integrating display screens and smart home technology to give them multiple Internet functions. Users can monitor the temperature of the bathroom in real time through their mobile phones. Nowadays, high-end bathroom cabinets are mostly equipped with smart bathroom mirrors, which are gradually favored by the whole people, especially young groups. It not only has a stylish appearance, but also has practical functions, such as anti-fog, waterproof and anti-rust properties.

Bathroom mirrorBathroom mirror

Function of Bathroom Smart Mirror:

① Defogging function

The defogging function of bathroom smart mirrors is mainly achieved through coating or electric heaters. Coating defogging is to apply anti-fogging materials on the surface of the mirror to prevent water mist from adhering; while electric heaters use the principle of heating to evaporate water mist. Coating defogging is more expensive but has good stability, while electric heaters are cheaper but require a certain amount of space and consume energy.

When taking a bath, the bathroom is usually closed, and water mist and moisture are difficult to discharge, and will adhere to the walls, floors and mirrors. The defogging function of the bathroom smart mirror can effectively remove these water mists and maintain the clarity of the mirror.

② Waterproof function

Bathroom smart mirrors are usually equipped with lighting and touch functions and need to be powered on. To ensure safety, waterproof materials will be applied to the back of the mirror to prevent water leakage or seepage at the joints, and to prevent cracking or mold on the back of the mirror.

③ Anti-rust function

The bathroom environment is humid, and the surface of ordinary bathroom mirrors is prone to rust after a period of use. Bathroom smart mirrors are effectively treated with anti-rust to avoid rust problems and maintain the beauty and durability of the mirror.

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