Color Tinted Artificial Stone Glass/Jade Glass for Countertop And Home Decoration
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Color Tinted Artificial Stone Glass/Jade Glass for Countertop And Home Decoration

Product Description
Color Tinted Artificial stone glass/Jade Glass for Countertop and Home Decoration
Jade Glass also called "Krystal Stone series products", which be consist of silicate ,passed firing under high temperature. There is no resin chemical products, green environmental protection, no radiation, anti weathering, zero bibulous rate, suction dirt, high gloss, high density, acid and alkali resistance, good weather resistance, good mechanical performance, impact resistance, compressive strength and bending strength are evenhigher than common glass and stone. And its gloss eternal, texture like jade,and nobly elegant.
jade glass
jade black blue light glasses
Clear Glass, Painted Glass, Coated Glass, Figured Glass, Frosted Glass, Stained Glass, Tinted Glass, Wired Glass
White, Yellow, Blue, Grey, Brown
15 mm, 20mm
Polishing, Drilled, Grinded
Building,Countertop, Floor, etc.
Max size
Sea Worthy Strong Wooden Crates
High Transmittance / Acid & Alkali Resistance
10-15 Days
1 Piece

1.Decoration material for both exterior and interior wall, in luxury hotel,   airport, subway station, hospital, Bank, villa, etc.
2. Making furniture, cabinet, wash sink, sanitary ware for bathroom, table-board, etc.
3. Art works processing such as spray painting, carving, image baking .Etc.
4.building exterior decoration,such as curtail wall,semi-transparent wall,columns. 5.Floor materials such as floor,staircase,etc.
jade glass bonsai tree
jade glasses
blue light glasses jade black

1.Rich in stereoscopic viewing
2.Good light-transmittance
3.Environmental friendly, no radiation polution.
4.Not easy to be aging and deforming
5.Perfectly water proof and so that the color will never fade
6.Good resistance of acid, alkali and weather
7.Good mechanical performance and its resistanceof impact, pressure and bending is much betterthan common glass and stones.
8.Safe to be used: the broken pieces are not sharp andit is not easy to hurt anyone.
9.100% composed of inoganic material , no resinor plastic included.

jade blue glasses

Technical Data
jade green milk glass dishes
1. Density(g/cm3):2.64
2. Water Absorption(%):0.006
3. Bending Strength(MPa):Dry 36.40 Wet 31
4. Dry Compression Strength(MPa):75.9
5. Abrasion resistance: 28 Radiation(Bq/):internal exposure index 0.0 6. external exposure index 0.1


 jaded glasses


Q1: How can you guarantee your final quality?
A1: As for quality control, we've approved four testing procedures: Initial inspection, re-inspection,
      final inspection and sampling inspection. Each step will take photos and save for u all the time,
      also support free warranty service.
Q2: How long is the production lead time?
A2: It depend on your quatity, normally is 30 days after deposit.
Q3: What kind of Certification did you pass?
A3: After relevant institution of professional evaluation, we're qualified for BS,GB,AS
      ISO9001, etc. Also can supply local test report according to customer's
      requirement  when necessary.
Q4: How is the MOQ of required?
A4: We welcome any quantity under your requested. but a competitive price is always
       depends  on the quantity increase gradually.

crystal glass stone

laminated jade glass

jade blue glasses

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